Portland, taking “natural energy” to a whole new level. It’s like when someone pronounces a word wrong or misinterprets a loosely defined definition in Webster’s. Portlandians have created an energy of their own, human powered energy. I’m talking the energy that keeps them riding bicycles and skateboards to Whole Foods, the energy transferred from one smile to another when you pass a stranger on the street, the energy both absorbed and exuded when communicating with another, even without words, and usually through music.

You know how in the night you can see distant cities by the glow on the horizon? That glow in this city doesn’t come from any light source cast by generators or burning fuels, it comes from the kindness, sincerity, hospitality, and vibrancy of the residents of this town. It glows inexhaustibly, the blip on the radar from outer space that makes the faces on the other end of satellites zoom in to the person enjoying their cocktail on the street side, the dog waltzing through the grocery store, the pizza crafted from site specific grown ingredients, and say “oh, it’s just Portland.”

The sunlight doesn’t shine here often because these people are kind enough pass it on to a city that needs it more, their Vitamin D comes from a different place. In fact, every time you pop a liquid pill approved to improve your mood, you’re purchasing a little bit of Portland to pulse through your veins.


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