Paper Places

Are we sure this place isn’t one of those 3D puzzles a masterful theater designer hasn’t erected to fool us all into believing a settlement has been made here already?

What a genius he would be, crafting a town to perfection, with no exit on the highway for tourists to stop and test that it’s walls wouldn’t topple over with too heavy a handprint placed on any of the paper walls constructed upwards.

In this valley too he resounded to sound his settlement because it’s location location location, even for fake habitation. It’s impervious here to winds with enough collective strength to wobble the faux infrastructures he’s folded into place. In too heavy a rain it might wilt and bend in its vulnerable corners until one wall at a time buildings liquesce to the floor and compost themselves back into the artificialities they were assembled from.

If real furnaces lit real fires his forged existence would be kindling to any impending forest fire. His imitation occupation would be disclosed to those opening their tabloids made of the same paper recycled from his once sturdy city.

If you were to peek into any of the Seran Wrap windows there would be cardboard cutouts of people positioned just so, with furniture just so, and pets that are just so so, cuz animals aren’t his forte, just so ya know.

Even the trees could be illusions, but paper trees made of paper making trees, maybe that’s a stretch.

I would skip over this guardrail to uncover the truth behind this picturesque place that I’ve seen on one too many puzzle box covers, but am afraid to reveal what others revel as real. Verification of its invalidity might tear up surrounding communities, literally. I bet the origami man himself would lead me down his makeshift cobblestone streets and try to convince me each piece wasn’t wedged together seamlessly so to seem authentic, but I’ll look past his pliable expressions.

Montana, you’re not real.


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