Retrospective introspection

Sometimes you hear a song and think within notes if it is or isn’t for you, but then you notice the afghan motioning at you from the foot of your bed where your toes argue that there’s more to this tune than your consciousness can comprehend.

You realize your mind has been wandering to those times you skipped school, sped past the chain-link fence and protesting school guards with Against Me! blaring at a deafening volume recklessly disregarding your unscathed ear drums in the dinged car you parents gifted you and stuffed with air bags for your air headed immaturity. You proudly play out a montage in your mind of being the badass girl with her windows down more than half way where child locks left you prior, hair is disarray to disguise the acne you haven’t yet learned to cover while you slide your oversized shades onto the bridge of your nose and kick your leg up on the foam oozing out of your ripped cloth seats in the assurance that movies depicting iconic 90’s grunge culture were based on moments like these. You so desperately wished for others to notice the tint the sun shown on your face and even dangle your arm out the window for the added effect, tapping your nails against the chipping paint and pretending not to look at yourself in the side-view mirror.

In the height of an episode as undeveloped as you are, a cop pulls you over for speeding within 10 hours of getting your first car, catches you skipping school, calls your parents, and reminds you 9 years later of why you stopped listening to bands like Against Me!…so that you could play The Eagulls and relive moments that retrospectively have to make you laugh.


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