A risk I’m willing to take

This morning I tried to track a train of thought, but stayed instead in the station waiting for it to arrive, it appears there were delays. Plenty came in the opposite direction and I watched others board cars plowing past the terminal, but I needed to move forward; I had my sights on the city and had already wasted enough time getting ready.

I swore I checked the time and it said these thoughts would arrive every 6 minutes, in cars with plenty of others aboard so I would know I’m not crazy. But when it finally arrived I was the only passenger. In fact, this train had never run on these tracks before, and the last time I had seen this particular one, it was in the distance with an unmistakably recognizable face within…it was me in 10 years. I knew then this train would arrive eventually, and had heard that all passengers were priority, for the first time there was no business class option and no voice coming over the speakers to tell me what thought transfers were available.

This train was on its own time, and I had been waiting all my life on the platform of my consciousness, hoping it hadn’t derailed since I saw it last. I haven’t long to decide, and once I board I know the doors would seal tight and there will be no next stop in sight, but it’s a risk I’m willing to take.


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