It’s good to be bad

I’ve always had a bad (or good) habit of bailing, for my frail ability to stick to the commitments I utter attachment to when I flail “yes” around the room as if it’s my job to please has left me latched to more projects than there is time in a day. Maybe that’s why I like to draw in permanent marker, because it can’t be erased. When you make a decision there’s no turning b(l)ack (to white).

I also have a bad (or good) habit of becoming those who I hang with, so that I’m only me when there’s no one left in proximity to be. A sponge to those personalities around me, which becomes dangerous when I scrub too hard, you know what I mean, TLC.

That all being said, I also have a bad (or good) habit of agreeing to collaborations with collaborators who are questionably so, but have reservations about letting go of their reservations. So what? Your piece becomes our piece, eventually it’ll be their piece when we throw it out, whoever they may be, and ultimately it’ll be nothing but a piece of garbage, because trends change and what’s great now will be good soon and good for nothing when I forget I was even the one who made that years ago.

What I need is a nice clean slate, but I’ve been bad (or good) at keeping my pallet clear of textures from compiling colors.

I would try harder, but my conscience tells me it’s good to be bad.


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