Level headed in a leveled city

I can almost feel the sunshine I see glistening on the building just west of us, my only exposure to the UVs I so desperately need. How silly that I bought a Vitamin D lamp to give me something the world dawns on us for free. I paid to have something inside that we already have outside to affect the outside layer of skin which somehow affects my inside reaction to the world.

Imagine if the sky turned these scrapers on themselves and plucked buildings right off their plots until they crumbled to mountainous rubble and this barren landscape got to see some hills. You don’t get to see citysc(r)apes like that often. Imagine if we were left with what stood before we arrived, nothing.

I would lay level (headed) on the newly leveled once-was city and allow that sunshine to hit me instead of these walls. I would run diagonal to spite the squared streets I’ve abided by for so long and turn uninterrupted towards the ocean. I’d skip stones from the scrapped buildings until they all sank perfectly in place and created our same city in the sea, then swim underwater to look through all of the windows and revel at those in over their heads.

This land was meant to be lived on, not worked on, I just hope the sky doesn’t get itchy.

External factors to consider….

Feet: Comfortably nested in worn Converse kicks kicked up on the table in front of me creating an anatomical table for my laptop

New news: The arbitrary girl I let into the turnstile and received a fine with turns out the be the new barista at my favorite coffee shop #freecoffeeforever

Noticing: The girl next to me definitely has one of those perfect-bun-makers in her hair which makes me think of donuts which makes me think nom #imgonnaeatyou


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