The people on either side of me are playing bejeweled. Don’t they know their mind is the most precious gem they could play with and here they are lining it up in a row with those that look similar until enough gather together and they all disappear? I feel like the roadblock and won’t let this game win. Surprise, you’ve made it to the final round and the biggest boss is you, and if you break your highest score, your brain will poof away as quickly as the jewels in this mindless game.

External factors to consider… 

Dazed: looking at the lacquered black floor with red and white speckles seemingly splattered throughout like crushed candy canes

Wondering : how it took a month sans observation to notice I’ve been climbing two sets of stairs unnecessarily every day after work #gettinglazierbytheday

Chuckling: at competing buskers passive aggressively playing above one another

Feeling: an unyielding want to give give the girl down the isle reading “The Power of Now” a thumbs up when she notices me #imwatchingyou


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