Fit for the Southeast

Let’s talk about how damn attractive the Southeast is.

If trees were muscles, waterfalls and rivers the blood coursing through the dwindling veins of the US – slowly dismembering the dried up west coast – and clear skies were fascia interconnecting all of the tissue, then states Saran wrapped along the Apalacian Trail are winning every body building competition known to man and nature alike.

The region is tanned by proximity to the equator, toned by tropical storms removing clutter to reveal lean land mass underneath, and fit for the most breathtaking scenery you could feast your starved eyes on. Flexing as it flaunts its curves on the ocean, you can’t help but admire how good it looks at sunrise, if you’re up early enough to take advantage of the clouds peeling away their covers.

Tamed by the chivalry of towns like Charleston, spiced by that irresistible Latino flavor proximal to the Caribbean, sculpted by caving networks circumnavigating Nashville, showered in Miami’s mid afternoon storms, and glistening in Atlanta’s heat waves, it’s no wonder I can’t take my mind off of it lately.


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