Suspecting Suspicion

I always suspect that something unsuspecting will occur when the magnetic energetics of a good group of friends gets together to conquer a vacation, particularly when they’re of the impression that it will be “such a relaxing weekend.”

Daniele brings the vibrance, the light hearted attitude, the go-with-the-flow confidence that has led her through so many doors you might think she lived in a labyrinth; but how could she not with a smile as wide as the span of space she’s traveled on this uncharted exploration, or that unheard of adventure?

Lauren is the analytic exuberant – a beacon for positivity and possibility, an ideator with a stream of conscious method of verbalizing her lofty, interconnected, and always novel thoughts which might confuse you with being chatty until you realize how incredibly brilliant, creative, and addicting they are to listen to, and if you’re lucky, participate in. She may live on a different, higher plane, but when she tilts it every so often so that others might climb aboard, you’re able to see the world from above, and through her lens of radiance – she’s our real “life love bug.”

Tara provides the hilarity, the sarcasm, the facial expressions that say more with one look than most people can articulate in any given day. She’s the shameless and judgeless, the one who’ll have you confessing your darkest secrets without batting a lash, and contemplating how to create more memories doing things you can only confide in once more to Tara. Her story telling abilities can make even the mundane the most interesting tale you’ve ever heard, leaning in for more and tossing back in bouts of laughter.

Will instills the curiosity, the exploratory nature that has you at one moment scaling buildings and another jumping off of cliff faces. If ever I’ve wondered how to take anything I’ve done or wanted to do to the next level, Will would be the guide encouraging me to do it, perhaps mostly because he yearns to as well. He’s a naturalist with the know how to nutritionally navigate between every berry and mushroom, and a demeanor indicating that intensity is his second nature. A week-long canoe trip? Why not make it 6 weeks? Why not do it down the Mississippi? Why not do it with just a tarp to sleep beneath? Typical Will.

By the end of our third day together as a consortium of separable personalities we had roped in four additional characters on our journey. Even our white water rafting guide hopped off boat and boarded up with us at the cabin with enough whiskey, wine, and beer to sink a ship.

These perfectly unusual, perfect individuals, I like to call my best friends, and four days, three nights with them, shacked up at in a log cabin on a mountain ridge in Northern Georgia was a simply complex time I won’t soon forget.


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