Five months ago in in the first few weeks of my yoga teacher training I said if my life were a book it would be called “What if?”

What if I had done that? What if I had gone there? Selfish and superficial, absorbed in a sea of wonder over my own state of being.

We talk about the difference in languages – how you express yourself with your words, and I’ve learned that when you’re limited by them, or without them entirely in another country, all you’re left with is energetics. How does someone make you feel independent of what they say, how they say it, and how it socially classifies them? When you’re incapable of passing judgments based on grammar, word choice, semantics, content; when all the talking that needs to be done is spoken with the eyes and you can sit with someone and feel drawn to them in absolute silence, how quiet can you stay?

I’m learning that there’s more to communication than what we say with our words. That if we eliminated every misinterpretation (because at the early stages of learning a new language, any interpretation at all feels like a good one), and developed an image of someone’s character based on their incomprehensible interactions with others, we would perceive them from a difference perspective than that which has become habitual. If there’s an inexplicable attraction that breaks these cultural barriers, how far would you pursue it?

I don’t care if someone teases “take be careful” instead of “beware,” never remembers to replace “not long time” with “shortly,” pronounces “breasts” instead of “breath”…as long as they continues to incorrectly say “I love these life,” and mean it.

With a new prioritization, I’ve started to wonder what if there are feelings we haven’t felt before because we don’t have words that other languages have to describe them? What if we weren’t able to describe an intangible emotion to someone who’s never even heard of it? What if we stopped thinking with so many words, and started feeling with less?

Et si?


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  1. Interesting perspective on language. I never thought that my grammatical errors in Spanish might be endearing.

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