Practicality in my vocabulary

Google Translate has become my most frequently visited tab. I carry around homemade flashcards with me in a plastic zip lock bag to pull out when my partner in bar conversation takes a bathroom break, when Mafelde and Leo, the 5 and 13 year old children, respectively, of the home I swim at along the river come out to sneak candy and roll in the grass while I ask them what means what, and when, like now, I’ve entered a one woman waiting game while my coffee is cooling and the laundry has been hung to dry.

Everyday cards are removed as phrases become familiar, and the pile of knowns are stacked as high in my mind as they are in the living room. New ones have been scribbled on napkins, torn journal pages, business cards I had no business taking, and rolling papers, amassing quite an eclectic collection of folios ranging in phrases from “we are far from the stars” to “there is a boat in the sky.” Learning who I am in another language has been tell tale of the exchanges I prefer to have, but I never said practically belonged in my vocabulary.


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  1. How wonderful is Google Kate? I so admire your tenacity and love of learning, I love your life at the moment, it sounds so idyllic …… I am so looking forward to seeing it all for real, do you need us to bring anything from England????

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