Top Heavy Creatives

It’s amazing to see the people you’ve known for years progress, and become more themselves than you ever realized they weren’t before, or had been waiting to be all along. Identities have begun to solidify and character development is further than underway, it’s on a momentum driven path with no foreseeable fork. As friends become hyperbolic embodiments of the experimental youth I remember them as, I can’t help but be inspired by their journeys, their adversities, their dedication to make the most of a world so full of potential I find myself shifting in and out of focus. In my matured inquisition, how could we choose but one directive? One “one,” with so many others enticing in their novelty, their hypotheticals, their promise of an experience so jarring that to cap it would leave me wondering “what if?”

I’ve lost myself in the question of whether we are what we do when I encourage others to “do you.” Are we what we say? What we think? What we wear? To some we are, but then who are they but a projection, an observer? And is that valid to be rather than a being without judgment? Are the truest people those living separate from a comparatively based scale?

One week back in the United States and I’m impressed by the impression I’ve absorbed of the most accomplished individuals I know. None live more than a month without worry of contrasting color coded bank statements, and are more familiar with red than those I see scavenging through a forest of green. They’re photographers, musicians, filmmakers, and painters, and all they see are promising palettes so many others have dwindled down to black and white existences.

So the saying goes “start from the bottom…,” but as far as I’m concerned those living to their fullest human potential are the top heavy thoughtful creatives scrounging for change, in any capacity, and holding themselves to a separate hierarchy entirely.


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